Tuesday, April 6, 2010


It seems that at long last we may have the option of doing WSS (and GNW) in 28mm plastics. Wargames factory have been posting lovelly WIP shots of a generic WSS infantryman, and hinting at such extras on the sprue as Pikes, krapus, and command bits. The figure is a steady workman like chap, clean and easy to paint.

Hopefully cavalry and artillery will follow the success of the infantry.

In other new figure news, Eureka have put into production 15mm miquelets. This allows for the war in Catalonia to be done with proper figures. Granted they are only in 15mm, so 6mm, 28mm, 20mm and 40mm gamers will still have to convert. But what fun to see a new subject for this period in any scale.

The Oblask will likely be recruiting some of both these lines and I hope to have some painted examples up soon-ish.

Meanwhile as tsar Peter is fond of naval and maratime affairs, I think I shall have to draft a ship or two.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


OK, it has been forever since I updated this. Real life has overtaken fictional for a while.

Currently being possesed of a bit of an enthusiasm for Moderns (Ambush Alley and Force on Force in particular) I have been working on painting up Insurgent forces for the Oobleckistan breakaway from the crumbling USSR. To that end I am currently working up a number of Afghan figures. I have discovered through the joys of image search that Mujahideen from Chechnya look almost exactly like those from Afghanistan. As I have not been able to find 15mm Chechens per se, and nobody is ever going to make Ooblecks, I am using Afghans which are widely available. The key is to paint them in a mix of traditional garb and Soviet kit. I have yet to decide on teh final mix but they will be sprinkled amongst my Rebel Minis "Masked Gunmen" and perhaps the odd Russian to provide the Oobleck forces. Oobleck uniforms are a brown-green tannish colour giving a nice contrast to Soviet green. Tanks, vehicles etc are primarilly Russian although I may add some bits of foriegn kit.

Watch for photos and battle reports soon. I also hope to be able to add some C18 forces soon.