Monday, January 19, 2015

So I took a little vacation...

Four years maybe isn't even a little vacation. In that time I have done very little wargaming. My heart just wasn't in it. I am back now, tidying up the last details on those Austrians. Now I have finally ordered some French to go with them. Russians and Ottomans will likely follow in due course. I have a feeling that the Oblask is going to settle in the Napoleonic period for a while. This being primarily due to the fun I had playing Lasalle at the local club. It is a set of rules that make playing fun for me. None of the 18th Century rules I tried quite clicked for me in the same way. Being now in the era of the Corsican Ogre, my Austrians will stand in very nicely for the Oblask, sandwiched between the Russians and the Ottomans, with France eyeing the rich cucumber fields as well. After all, if France can venture as far afield as Egypt why not Oobleckistan? The other reason for using Austrians, besides already having them, is that I quite like the look of the army. On the painting front I nearly panicked when I saw what the "Dip" did to my figures! Blotchy, dark, and shiny. This despite getting satin finish. Luckily after matte varnish and flocking they look much better. Now grimy, worn, smoke besmirched, in the midst of battle instead of parade ground fresh and eager.

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