Monday, June 29, 2009

The First Recruit

This mornig I recieved my sample packs of Black Hat WSS miniatures from Mark at Scale Creep. They are every bit as nice in the metal as they appear on his website.

My impression is that they are "small" 15s and so will mix well with other "small" makes. The detail is well carved, with the exceptio of the muskets which seem a bit off. I have painted my first test figure up as a generc post-1720 musketeer. The dark green with red facings is less Christmas looking than I had feared.

One error for Russians of this period is that the cartridge box is placed on the figure's hip rather than the belly. Also worth noting, the figure is wearing gaiters and has three buttons on his coat sleaves. Yes, they are well sculpted and cast enough to see the butons.

I ordered the "Musketeer Marching" code, thee are also French Musketers although the only difference I can see o the website is the right hand possition.

I also ordered the infantry command and French infantry command packs. Again the most striking diferences are in pose rather than equipment.

Sadly at this time artillery and cavalry are not available. Pike men are not included nor are ensigns to carry the colours. The omission of the first I can undertsand as pike had mostly fallen out of use, but the lack of colur bearers is very striking.

I think this is a new range and it seems to have great potential.

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  1. A small correction, the Black Hat range does include cavalry, artillery and very nice looking artillery crews. They are not yet listed on the Scale Creep site, but are available with pictures on the Black Hat site.