Sunday, June 21, 2009

Recruiting Officer Needed

Now I turn my attention to recruiting some soldiers for this project.

It has been suggested that I use 20mm plastics, and there are some lovely figures for the Great Northern War out, but there is a lack of Ottomans. As the Turks are a fairly important player in this game I am not sure plastics will work.

The next option is 15mm metals. I know I can get anything I need in this scale, even though I may have to pick through the Renaissance and Napoleonic ranges for Ottomans. 15mm is my prefered scale for gaming and painting.

6mm is an option with Baccus 6mm doing lovely WSS and GNW ranges. But again no Ottomans in sight.

10mm is a scale I am not overly fond of. I am not sure why, but I have never really taken to it. If Otomans, GNW Russians and Swedes and some WSS troops are available, I might be persuaded to give it a try.

28mm and up are really too large for my available table space and I prefer panting the smaller figures anyway.

Cost of figures is probably a wash, I did some calculations a while ago and fond that I spend abou the same figure cost no matter which scale I'm gaming in. I just buy more of the little guys.

Any thoughts on scale or recomendations of figure lines are most welcome. Especially pictures of the OG15 lines as I cannot seem to find any. I have found OG15mm Ancients to b too finely detailed to respond well to my painting style.

I paint in not quite a clasic toy soldier style, but definitely prefer a good block base coat and minimal shading and highlighting. As such I like smothly sculpted figures such as Minifigs or Musket Miniature which I use for AWI. Curiously I have found myself enjoying my Peter Pig Sudan figures and they are on the smaller and finer detailed side of things from my usual.


  1. My 15mm 7yw armies are old Minifigs and Fri Corps, but they were painted 20 years ago and I'm not sure the figures are still available. My 28mm are Front Rank and Old Glory. The 28's are much easier to paint at this stage of my life, but I still enjoy the look of the 15's and they always have more maneuvering room on the battlefield. The old glory 15's are very nice, but my new favorite figures are the 28mm Minden's. Best regards, Bill

  2. Actually there are a number of plastic Turks available. Here's a link:

    That being said, if you prefer 15mm then go for them! Or if another scale calls to you, go for it. Remember that you're not looking to please anyone but yourself here. Get what YOU want.

    And, yes, table size does play a significant role in determining what scale figures will work.

    Enjoy whatever you choose.

    -- Jeff

  3. I have pictures of the old glory bashi bazooks on my blog and am currently doing 15mm old glory ottomans, austrians, french, etc. They are easy to paint and are quite affordable. I have OGs anatolian sekahns and some Djellis that I will be posting soon. I could send you some photos of the minis if you would like.

  4. Welcome to the world of ImagiNations! The question of figure scale is one that crops up time and again and I guess it all comes down to individual preference. Although I have 28mm figures for the Grand Duchy of Hetzenberg from a wide mixture of manufacturers I confess in some ways I had opted for 15mm. I find them about as easy to paint to the "3 feet standard" as their larger brethren, with a matching affordability.