Friday, July 17, 2009

More Recruits

I have recieved my sample packs from GFI/Minfigs and they are great. I see now why this range is so popular. Photos to follow as soon as I get a chance to slap some paint on them.

Also I ordered the Giullotine set. A very nice multi piece casting.


  1. Does that mean the nobility and others better start thinking and planning carefully???

  2. Maybe its time to erect a Guillotine on the Mall in front of the Capital Building to remind the swine in Congress that the people have limits on craziness...

  3. Why do I suspect some influence from the Direktorat aus Herrschaden?
    Btw, in a -totally different- TMP 18th C. thread, a fellow Lace Wars-gamer commented that -because the references to 'wild' Ukrain- Ruslana (Wild Dances) 'falls in line with an idea for a forbidden zone between the empires of Maria Theresa and the Ottoman Sultan; Transylvannia...'. Of course it is also the very situation of the Oblask of Oobleckistan: an opportunity to convert (give muskets... to) Shadowforge "Tribals" / Maidenhead "Babes that Time forgot" ?

  4. To resort to guillotine my be a mark of humanity, but is a wastage: in Monte-Cristo those deserving the ultimate penalty generally feed the lobsters. Marinated lobster tails are one of these expensive export so important for the economy and welfare of the Presipality - allowing to lighten the tax burden.