Sunday, August 23, 2009


Mean while in the late 20th or early 21st Century...

Oobleckistan has joined the breakaway republics from the former Soviet Union. I am using Oobleckistan as backstory for games of Amush Alley and Force on Force.

Currently painted 15mm forces include 32 Ooblecki "freedom fighters" these appear as both insurgents and regulars depending on the scenario. They are Rebel Miniatures Armed Gunmen and Fedayeen Warriors and Modern Insurgents. The latter two are actually the same pack with two different names, but the same stock number.

15 Dark Water Security Contractors, Rebel Minis Civilian Contractors.

A Soviet Motorized Rifle Platoon, troops from QRF and BMPs from Old Glory

And assorted civilians, embeded news crew for WNN-World News Network, rioters, zombies, and zombie hunters from all sorts of sources.

For civillian vehicles I use Matchbox, Hot Wheels and similar. They are slightly large, closer to 20mm scale, but widely available and cheap!

More vehicles, buildings and battle reports to come. And for the 18th century work procedes on amassing enough toys to actually do something with. Perhaps a Gloire scenario with 28mm figures would be the ticket?


  1. One of the guys at my former club thinks highly of Ambush Alley rules, and he's a Iraq veteran. Good luck with your project, it'll be a fascinating one to watch.

  2. That's a nice twist to carry your ImagiNation into modern times for other gaming.
    If you do a Gloire game I hope you'll post a battle report (with pics, of course! ;-) ). I have the rules and played around with creating a few characters, but haven't actually played any games. At least you wouldn't need many toys for that. :-)