Friday, January 14, 2011

Making Progress, but am I on Schedule?

As of tonight I have two batteries of atillery painted and ready for base flocking. Jager and Grenzer skirmishers are base coated and will recieve detailing and hopefully flocking tomorrow. 2 our of 4 sets of command figures are on their bases and all are base coated.

Waiting on bases from Litko to finish the limbers for the artillery and to base the other 2 subcommanders. My line infantry and cavalry are still listed as "pending" and I realize I forgot to order casualty figures.

No panic yet. Infantry and cavalry don't begin to appear on the schedule until Monday and I have almost a week's cusion at the end.

Since I have to order some casualties anyway I am going to plump for some GNW Russians or Ottomans along with them.

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