Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Thirty Days begin...

One month from today on 6 February our club will be having a Lasalle Tournament. Nothing like an actual scheduled game to get the fires moving.

So begins the "Thirty Days" project, Napoleon had One Hundred and look where it got him ;-) Surely I can do better than exile?

The first step is of course army selection. After a brief bit of scouring for recomendations I have determined the following: 1: The army will be 15mm (my favourite gaming scale). 2: The army will be Austrians as that and Prussians are what is lacking at the club. (Prusia just doesn't grab me.) 3: I will be using the "Avant Garde" list with a cavalry support option.

I still need to decide which cavalry support option will be using so I can order figures. Then the waiting begins... In the mean time I can happily research Napeonic Wargaming Tactics, learn the rules using proxy bases, etc.

My Austrians will feature a large number of Hungarian rather than German troops, and definitely will include the fashionable helmets. These two features will lend them well to Imagi-Nation play as well as saving me from an all white army.

I will prime in white and paint the hands, faces and guns first, just in case....

This is not cheating. I once played most of an F&I game at the club before I noticed that the Indians had simply been primed white and given a wash of brown ink. No actual painting at all...


  1. The Heavies tended to be used as a central reseerve, so its Hussar, Ukhlans and Chevauleger for you.....

    My Austrians strted life sprayed white, black guns boots and hats, flesh and coloured cuffs and silver bayonets. So long as they are nicely fkagged and based they will do while you slowly fil in the detailing.

  2. So there is hope that in 31 days from now we'll have a chance to read about 18th C. Oobleckistan again?

    Cheers and best wishes,