Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Now Istanbul, not Constantinople

Well, it's nobody's business but the Turks!

Just like a typical wargamer, one project is barely begun and I am thinking about the next one. In this case it is the next combatant in Oobleckistan. Looking to stay with Horse&Musket this year, there is some nice modern kit out there, but H&M first, I have decided that Ottomans make a good choice.

The Oblask has always set on the frontiers of the Ottoman Empire and Ottomans look very similar over a time period stretching from the late renessance to the early 19th Century. Kurushan Miniatures has announced Eastern Ren figures in 15mm (drool), Baccus 6mm are promising us at long last 6mm Ottomans and I have a Napoleonic Austrian army in progress in need of opponents. It all points to my need for Ottomans. Besides I have a bunch of GNW Russians waiting to be based.

I figure if I base to a 40mm frontage I will be good for most rulesets, and will have a multi-period army to boot.

I am still debating starting 28mm armies for the C18. They would look smashing, it's just that I really prefer painting the smaller figures. Time will tell on that.

As for the buildings I wrote about a post or two ago, I have a couple built up now, and they don't look as bad as I had feared next to the figures. I'll grant that 18mm figures are pretty close to looking in the second story windows, but if a base represents a large group of men, the effect is livable. They would look quite out of place in a skirmish game though.

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  1. In what scale (well, "of what size", to avoid -justified- volleys from some TMP regulars) are your Austrians and GNW Russians? Anything under 15mm looks very small and detail-lacking to my old (and traditionalist) eyes...