Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Panic! in Detroit?

Now the icy fingers of fear begin to clutch. The only thing worse than not getting my figures has happened. I got my figures. A not insubstantial package loaded with troops.

6 units of cavalry, two of them large, and 6 units of infantry, 5 of them large as well.

12 cavalry to a regular unit, 18 to a large. I hate painting horses, but this is almost bearable, only 84 flea bitten nags to do.

It's the bleeding infantry that scares me. Almost 200 of them to deal with. 192 plus the casualties I neglected to order before.

At least my bases have shipped, so after prep, prime and paint, I can face the joy of 66 bases to do before game time.

Who needs to eat, or sleep, or breathe? Not me. I have troops to paint, and base and...


  1. I spray my horses and then wash/drybrush them - works quite well and is pretty fast

  2. You could always give the figures away . . . to me for example . . . otherwise, get out that paintbrush, sir.

    -- Jeff

  3. 18th C. or 21th C.? The reference to cavalry gives me hopes for the 1st...